Aurora Optima 996Cx Nib Size M Burgundy Fountain Pen


Fountain Pen Aurora Optima 996Cx Nib Size M Burgundy


Chrome Plated Trims. Burgundy

14 Kt. Solid Gold Nib

Nib Size F

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This line recalls the elegance of the historic lines of the 30s, a true legend of its time is this new Optima that maintains its unique and charming line to become, once again, a cult object for people who know what want.

The Auroloid version of the Optima has been created with vintage materials and stands out for its hand-finished trim and great attention to small details. The cap and the body are made of marbled Auroloid, a very prestigious and refined material. This fountain pen incorporates the traditional piston loading mechanism with Aurora’s exclusive reserve tank.

When the ink runs out, just turn the base counterclockwise and the hidden reservoir will provide ink to write about one more sheet of paper.