Pelikan Special Edition souveran m 400 tortoise White Gold Fountain pen

In the year 1929 Pelikan was the first company in the world to introduce the mechanism of differential piston. This technique makes the shaft located inside the pen turn faster than the tip or sleeve of filled, thanks to two differential threads. Until today, this pen is available in many different versions, and although with the passage of time has been improved its design and technical details, the basic mechanism remains the same.

The model 400 was launched in 1950. With its Green striped body, it has become the worldwide symbol of the Pelikan brand. During the 1980s, the series was named Souverän, though popularly also called him “Stresemann” because it reminded the Secretary of State of the “Weimar Republic”, famous for its clothing striped…
The Souverän Pen shell of tortuga-blanco was manufactured in 2004, following the boom of the 1950s model lines, with a container of ink on Brown/transparent tortoise shell. Its transparent, striped vitola, possesses the delicate luster of gold. The CAP and the rest of the body parts are still white and give this model its pleasant and typically bright splendour.
The manufacture of the model is a painstaking task, since the material of cotton – its formula was specially developed for Pelikan – must undergo many manufacturing processes to create this piece of material with stripes. It bends and smooth, their contours are cut with diamond. Then the characteristic double rings that are in the back of the body and the lid are integrated into the material. This is done with the utmost precision to obtain a practically perfect transition between the materials. The instrument is then polished to a gloss before attaching the clip with a light spring and the famous form of stylised Pelikan.

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