Montblanc Honore De Balzac Ballpoint Pen Writers Edition 2013 Sealed


Limited Edition: 13,100 Pens
Montblanc Honore De Balzac Writers Edition 2013 Ballpoint Pen

The Writers Edition 2013 pays tribute to the French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac.
Inspired by 19th century dandyism and the elegance of Balzac, the precious resin is black. Barrel with gray lacquer and guilloché refinement. Clip with turquoise lacquer and rings covered in platinum and gold.

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Montblanc Honore De Balzac Writers Edition 2013 Ballpoint Pen.


Black precious resin cap and the tank lacquered in dark gray and ennobled with fine stripes pay homage to Balzac’s tailcoat, an essential garment in his wardrobe. The design is reminiscent of the great writer, whose pointed shoes are reflected in the shape of the cone.

Three rings that symbolize the French class society of the s. XIX: the opulent ring at the end of the cap, bathed in gold, represents the nobility; the discreetly decorated platinum-plated cap ring symbolizes the bourgeoisie, while the simple cone ring embodies the lower class ·

Platinum plated clip with turquoise lacquer inlays inspired by his sumptuously decorated cane