Montblanc Writers Edition Alejandro Dumas SET


Montblanc Writers Edition Special Edition

Alexander Dumas Son

Fountain Pen / Ballpoint Pen / Mechanical Pencil

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Montblanc Writers Edition Alejandro Dumas Set.
Fountain pen, ball point pen and mechanical pencil
Montblanc Alexandre Dumas Writers Edition 1996.
Limited edition .
Alexander Dumas was one of the most prominent novelists and theater authors of the 19th century.
The Alexandre Dumas edition is made with noble materials, as shown with a shiny body full of mystery, combined with the dark resin cap.
Each detail reveals Dumas’s personality: the clip is in the shape of an iconic sword, rhodium-plated 18 kt gold nib with the exquisite engraving of a French lily.
The first copies of this writers edition are mistakenly adorned with the signature of the writer’s father, a failure that makes this series exceptional.