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Montblanc Limited Edition Virginia Woolf Set.

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The “Virginia Woolf” model of the Writers Edition is mainly inspired by the literary heritage that the writer left us. “Las Olas”, 75 years after its first publication, inspires the delicate engraving that adorns the writing instrument, as a tribute to the most outstanding work and the life full of surprises of Virginia Woolf. The wave-shaped engraving covers the body in black precious resin, enhancing its delicate curvilinear silhouette.

The faceted ruby that adorns the gold clip is the most impressive detail of the model, representing Virginia Woolf’s particular avant-garde style and the highlight of her literary creation. The tragic end of the renowned writer is captured for eternity in the exquisite engraving on the handmade 18-karat gold nib: the two elms under which she found refuge for her eternal rest on her estate in Sussex in 1941.

Virginia Woolf is considered one of the first representatives of classical modernism. She developed the storytelling technique through the “interior monologue”, which she used consistently in her novel “Las Olas,” published in 1931. Virginia Woolf shaped her avant-garde technique with a deliberately feminine subjectivity and autobiographical elements that became pillars of feminist literature, as in “Orlando” and “Mrs Dalloway.”

Without a doubt, Virginia Woolf was one of the pioneering and innovative novelists of the early 20th century. Her exceptional intellect and strength of character led her to reject Victorian conventions and to radically renounce literary traditions.

Virginia Woolf is considered one of the first representatives of classical modernism.