Namiki Yukari Royale Hina Dolls Fountain Pen Collections Limited Edition 2014


The Obrina, or prince doll, has been realized on the barrel of the pen in burnished Togidashi Maki-e technique against a rich black urushi background.

On the cap, a mandarin orange tree, regarded as a symbol of good fortune and longevity, has been depicted using raised Taka Maki-e technique.


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Being made available in just 70 numbered pieces worldwide, the Namiki 2014 Yukari Royale Limited Edition Hina Dolls Collection consists of two paired pens, the Obrina prince doll and Mebirna princess doll, in designs inspired by the traditional art of Japanese doll craft. Each pen has been hand-painted by noted Maki-e artist Mamoru Wakabayashi.

In lively contrast to the Obrina, the Mebirna princess doll utilizes a vivid vermillion urushi background. Cherry blossoms, representing good omens and blessings, have been depicted in Taka Maki-e technique on the cap, while the whimsical Mebirna is depicted utilizing Togidashi Maki-e. Together, the Obrina and Mebirna represent familial health and harmony lasting

An exceptional achievement in Maki-e technique which will be treasured by pen aficionados and collectors for many years to come, the 2014 Namiki Yukari Royale Limited Edition Hina Dolls fountain pens are provided with 18k solid gold nibs with rhodium accents. Each set also includes two special ink bottles to match the mandarin orange tree and cherry blossoms depicted on the pens, as well as a Byobu folding screen and Bonbori paper lantern, traditional accoutrements to the dolls represented on these pens.