Omas G.L. Bernini Collecione Roma 2000 Terzo III Millenium Fountain Pen


Omas G.L. Bernini Iv Centenario 1598-1998

Collezione Rome 2000

III Millenium

Fountain Pen “Omas” Roma 2000 Collection (Millennio III), Limited Series

Made of blue vegetable resin and wears a sterling silver shirt with precious engravings in relief dedicated to the first millennium of human history.

The number three (III) is engraved on the central ring and on the back it is engraved “roma 2000 – millennio – omas italy”.

The bicolor 18 karat gold nib with fine point is engraved with “roma 2000”, the she-wolf nursing Romulo and Remo and “omas 18 k”.

The measurements of the pen are: 145 mm closed, 15 mm thick in the body and 17 mm thick in the cap

Number 35/1000

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Number 35/1000

OMAS ROMA 2000 MILLENNIUM II STERLING SILVER FOUNTAIN PEN LIMITED EDITION 0090 OF 1000 THIS PEN IS PEN ONE OF A THREE PEN SET The Collection “ROMA 2000”, especially designed to celebrate the passage from the second to the third millennium, includes four types of writing instruments, each different in design and themes, in order to offer the widest selection. It truly defines the word “unique”.
The Millennium I-II-III series is composed of three writing instruments dedicated respectively to the first, the second and the third millenniums with the purpose of representing, through some symbolic elements, the history of Mankind (first and second millenniums) and the astronomical symbols like the sun, the moon and the stars (third millennium).
They represent the mysteries of the Universe that we believe Man may revere in the future. The development of the “ROMA 2000” collection, officially debuting today, has been developed in conjunction with the “Assessorato alle Politiche Commerciali” (Aldermanship to the Commercial Politics) and to the Sovrintendenza ai Beni Culturali (the Authority responsible for Cultural Properties) of the Municipality of Rome, with a precise purpose: the restoration of the Fontana delle Api (the Fountain of Bees), an important monument by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, located on one of the most famous streets in the world, Via Veneto.
Being that 2000 is the fourth centennial anniversary of the birth of this great sculptor, who was born in Naples but Roman by adoption, we accepted the offer of the Municipality of Rome to give our support (also in consideration of the philosophic meaning of our collection) to help to restore a small part of the “Eternal City”, which is preparing to receive millions of visitors and pilgrims over the next few years. The creation of all these objects, real masterpieces, which we hope are worthy of the famous sculptor of the Popes and the Nobility of the XVII century, has required the total commitment of OMAS management and workers.
A common design element of the I-II-III Millennio sterling silver models, is a twisting motif (one for the first, two for the second and three for the third millennium) linked by other symbolic elements for both technical and aesthetical purposes.
The fountain pen is made of blue vegetal resin, the sculpting of the pen is Sterling Silver .925 Silver. The cap of the pen is adorned with a blue cabochon lapis-lazuli stone. Nib is 18k two tone gold, size MEDIUM. It is engraved with the OMAS ROMA 2000 Lupa Capitolina (Capitoline Wolf) symbol.