Omas Limited Edition 1997 Return To Motherland fountain pen



The top is decorated with the Bauhinia flower encircled by the words, “Return of the Motherland”, and enameled in the original red color of the Association’s official logo.

The clip is embellished in the same hue by a thin linear element reminiscent of basic calligraphy. Fountains of water adorn its cylindrical surface, which is elegantly patterned after the finest Chinese silk. The band around the cap synthesizes the Great Wall of China, one of the most recognized monuments of this earth, the OMAS logo emerging from one of the Wall’s majestic gates, and the 4 ideograms meaning “Return to the Motherland’s in Chinese.

The barrel of the pen follows this theme of combining Hong Kong and Chinese motifs. Sculpted into the metal sheath of the barrel, two Chinese dragons, mother and child, allude to the relationship between Hong Kong and China and support the emblem of their unity, the pink Chinese dolphin. The Chairman of the Association, Dr. Raymond Wu, chose the pink Chinese dolphin as the reunification icon for a several reasons.


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In recognition of this reunion, the governments of the two respective countries, Great Britain and China, have planned a series of memorial exhibitions.

During this year, foreign dignitaries from around the globe will visit Hong Kong to attend the prestigious ceremony for the transferal of power.

As of July 1, 1997, the Pearl Orient, as Hong Kong is called, will face a new life and new economic system. The famous Nathan Road and the well-known floating houses of Aberdeen will come back under the sovereignty of Beijing.

This re-engagement possesses its own complications considering Hong Kong, where the income of its inhabitants rank among the highest in the world, is the economic capital of the Far East.

OMAS has been authorized by the Association for Celebration of Reunification of Hong Kong with China to create a commemorative collection that with its designs and problematic contents should be the true witness of this passage of authority. It is our belief that the pens in this collection exude the importance of prestige that this great occasion deserves.

The extraordinary care we have taken with its design is the expression of an ancient and traditional mastery. These distingue writing instruments in .925 sterling silver show distinctive aspects of both Hong Kong and China. The cap was made to display treasured symbols of Hong Kong and China.

Because schools of these dolphins often found in the waters off the western coast of Hong Kong, they are closely associated with the territory. Every year during their breeding season, the dolphins always return to the Zhujian (Pearl River) Delta of China, creating a symbolic link between the two countries.

The close familial relations between the dolphins, especially between the mother and her offspring, represent the feelings of the Chinese people towards their brethren in Hong Kong. To express these sentiments, the pin Chinese dolphin is personified in the emblem as a lively being, enthusiastically splashing in the sea.

The band encompassing the barrel portrays a panoramic view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The skyline of the harbour includes not only the new extension of the Convention Center where, on July 1, 1997, England’s Prince Charles and the top dignitary of China will officiate the hand-over ceremony, but also one of the tallest buildings in Asia, the Lucky Bank of China, called such because it was completed on the luckiest day of the century – the eight day of the eight month of 1988. The OMAS 1997 numbered limited edition celebrating the Return to the Motherland is comprised of 1997 fountain pens in .925 silver, each containing an 18K gold calligraphic nib inlaid with a dragon head and engraved with the words “Hong Kong 1997”.