Fountain Pen Montblanc ROUGE ET NOIR Limited Edition 100 Anniversary

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MONTBLANC, Rouge et Noir REPLICA, very rare and beautiful fountain pen limited to 100 copies, released in 2006 to celebrate 100 years of the brand series. Sliding pen, replica of an old model. Black ebonite body, cap with red head and engraved “Rouge et Noir Pat. Appl’d”. Gold nib # 4 Simplo average filling dropper. In its box with an black resin travel inkwell and a cardboard box, both replicas of old models. Very rare pen.

Montblanc returns to its roots with this replica of the classic original. Vulcanized hard rubber body, red captop, eye-dropper safety filling system. Traveling inkwell, protective slip cover in the style of the original packaging. 18K gold retractable nib with heart-shaped ink reservoir. An evocative tribute to a legendary instrument. Outer box, red presentation box, facsimile carrying box, traveling inkwell, booklet. Limited Edition: 072/100.

The rectangular cardboard box is missing the top cover, it has been lost.


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Descriptión/ Descripcion

Marca/Brand: Montblanc
Modelo/Model: Rouge et Noir Replica
Año de producción/Year’s production: 2006

Número edicion limitada/Limitation number / Serial number: 072/100
Tamaño/Dimensions: 12.2 cm
Inscripcion en plumín/Nib: Simplo Pen Co N°4, New York