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Originally an Atelier (the “astelier”) was a laboratory where wood was worked.

Later it became a place of creation, of crafts, of fine arts where a group of expert artisans worked under the direction of a Master.

I still remember, in 1956, when my father, Armando Simoni, talking about future projects in which, despite my youth, I already saw myself. involved, he pronounced the word Atelier. It was the most fair and appropriate description for what he had created.

His exclusive Fountain Pens intended for a very selected audience capable of appreciating the small masterpieces that came from the expert hands of the artisans that he had personally trained, the highest quality, the technology, originated from the beginning not only an unmistakable style but also a own philosophy that becomes heritage of the family. Thus begins in that distant 1918 a history and a tradition that this year 2008 celebrates the 90th Anniversary of uninterrupted activity.

I have not forgotten this very special word, Atelier. My son Gianluca and I wanted to give meaning to this concept: AS ATELIER SIMONI

⚫ creativity and emotion

• high quality • unique and advanced technologies

constant bacteriological control during production with the 99.99 TM process

⚫ sophisticated and elegant details

⚫ tailored, as the maximum expression of personal status and a permanent dialogue with the client whose wishes are anticipated and realized, anticipating, once again and in various ways, future times.

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(who said impossible?)

Since ancient times, the world of fountain pens has not recorded any technical innovation. Interesting and practically continuous aesthetic evolutions, absolute immobility with regard to operation and the elimination of some problems that no one has tried to solve and if they have tried, no one has been able to find the solution, such as the loss of ink from the nib nib and the bib or the friction between the plunger and the tank during the loading and loading and unloading phases of the ink with the consequent deterioration of both parts, the hardness of the bib in the rotation movement, THE LACK OF A CLOSING SYSTEM OF FLOW AND DRY INK.

It is not pleasant to open the cap and find the ink inside or on the nib. Unfortunately, all this is inevitable if there is a change in temperature, pressure (who hasn’t had problems during a plane trip?), a shake (in the pocket, suitcase or briefcase).

It is also very annoying to start writing and not see the ink on the paper because the ink has dried.

Defects ? No, simple physical capillarity.

Elegant, refined, classic for its simple lines and perfectly balanced, original in its finishes, the ID (INDUSTRIAL PATENT SMC) fountain pen, designed and manufactured with two fundamental objectives and concepts, solidity and performance, is the solution to all these problems.

Very advanced materials (belonging to the 4th group of Mendeljev’s periodic system) and technology. Titanium to guarantee lightness, essential to comfortably hold a writing instrument, and inorganic polymers based on a chain of silicon-oxygen and organic functional groups Ⓡ linked to the silicon atoms for optimal functioning and the solution to problems of loss and dry ink mentioned above.

In ID fountain pens the driver is no longer the heart that retains and releases the ink. It has been replaced by the combination of the loading system, which passes through the special SMC membrane, an innovative SMC1 closure system that blocks any ink leakage. In ID the conductor is a simple through channel. High-tech instrument in three colors (anthracite black, toasted brown and T2 gray) with precious details, it identifies, identifies and gives emotions, also creating a personal status.

Armando Simoni’s AS monogram that embellishes the top of the cap recalls the continuity of the family’s creativity. The careful manufacturing of the 18 Kt gold nib also confirms this long tradition.

The original ring has the production number of each piece inscribed on the back. The wood of the case is not only a symbol

of the Atelier Simoni, but also aims to remember that the first ateliers were created specifically for the production of this material.

Why ID? ID means identification and can mean the identification of the individual, the self, the ego, the super-ego, industrial design, the abbreviation of the Latin idem, the graphic and mathematical representation of a decision-making situation, a function that returns to the value itself.

Numbered limited edition of 2008 copies (956 gray T2, 956 tan brown, 96 black anthracite/diamonds) commemorating the birth of the Atelier.